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  • Acropolis gets a fitting gift!

    When we set about ensuring fitness of our team members, we ensure that no site gets left out. Here are a few glimpses from the fitness session held at Acropolis, Virar (W)

  • Workout @ Work

    Most of us corporate professionals sit at the desk all day, with little to no exercise. Well, we came up with a fitting solution. Fitness sessions at the Arkade Group Head Office!

  • Resource Management Training @ Arkade Art

    Handling a responsibility is training enough, no doubt. However, this training gets even better when it is stepped up a notch by bringing in knowledge that makes day-to-day as well as long-term functioning better. Here are a few glimpses from the Resource Management Training workshop conducted by Mr. Ganesh Dalvi, at Arkade Art, MiraRoad (E)

  • Yoga se hoga @ Acropolis!

    It wasn't only the team at Arkade Art that got to experience the power of Yoga, here are a few glimpses from the session at Acropolis, Virar!

  • Arkade Art - Friendly Cricket Match Tournament

    Well, what can we say? The box cricket area at Arkade Art is so tempting, we ended up returning to it to play a friendly match with our dear Channel Partners. Here's a small look at the match played between Team Arkade and Team CPs.

  • Arkade Art - Fitness Session(Yoga)

    Yes, it's that often ignored aspect of our lives, once again. Fitness! This time around, we made sure our Team tries out a new way to stay fit and limber. Power Yoga! Check out a few snapshots of the team during the Power Yoga session held at Arkade Art, Mira Road.

  • The Art of Cricket

    Tuesday, 15th November 2016 saw a unique tournament at the Arkade Art box cricket zone. All our beloved channel partners came together as 6 teams. Rising Stars, 5 Fighters, 5 Warriors, 5 Stars, Dragon Warriors and 5 Wonders. What ensued was an evening to remember. Here are the highlights for you to enjoy. Hats off, guys! Well played, all of you! P.S. - The day also doubled up as an opportunity for us to distribute the well-earned brokerage cheques, too!

  • Showing respect for your country is also an art, and we seem to have gotten the hang of it. An artful Independence Day@ Arkade Art

    There is something about this Independence Day that made it even more special for us. Arkade Art being the main reason, we chose to have this year's Flag Hoisting Ceremony right here. Here are a few glimpses. Happy Independence Day, everyone!

  • Busting stress seems to be the talk of the town right now, so we followed suit. Here’s a A 'Fit'ting Stress buster!

    At Arkade Group, we like to be one step ahead of workplace stress. Which is why, we organised two more stress busting Fitness Sessions, conducted by Mr. Shiraz Siddiqui of Virtus Wellness. One was at Acropolis, Virar and the other at Jeevan Sarita, Vile Parle. Here are a few glimpses

  • The journey that ended with a new beginning - Jeevan Sarita

    It is quite fulfilling to see something that we had envisioned take shape and fill up with life. Re-imaginations are perhaps even more fulfilling than something done from scratch. Well, the wait was 27 months long, but the culmination was worth it. The glorious journey of Jeevan Sarita's re-imagination reached fruition and we decided to celebrate it in a grand way. How grand, you ask? At the Grand Ballroom of the Taj Santacruz! Here are a few snapshots of the event.

  • Arkade Budding Stars goes places (Mazgaon, to be precise). A wall-less competition at Wallace Fortuna.

    How time flies by. It seems like it was only yesterday that we began the Arkade Budding Stars Initiative. We're on the third leg of the journey already! This was the Arkade Budding Stars competition held at our flagship project, Wallace Fortuna, at Mazgaon.

  • There is a weird fascination when any kind of sport is reduced to a minimalist form. But hey, it’s still fun! Box it up, but we'll still play!

    How difficult could Box Cricket be? The kids play it all the time. So technically, it's childsplay,right? Wrong! A Box Cricket tournament organised at Acropolis in Virar that turned out to be quite challenging but loads of fun!

  • A fitting event, in more ways than one.- Fit hai, boss!

    What do we work for? Money? Is that it? Is that enough? Isn’t it equally important to have a healthy disposition? With today's hectic schedules and demanding lifestyles wreaking havoc on all our lives, keeping a check on our health is of utmost importance. Here's a fitness session we had done for Team Arkade. On a lighter note, it was fun, too!

  • When the Arkade family went site-seeing.

    A natural inquisitiveness always sets in when one thinks about the outcome of hard work, dedication and determination. It always feels great to actually get to see what all the 'behind-the-scenes' work goes into. Needless to say, it feels fulfilling to see both, works in progress as well as finished visions. Here's when the Arkade familywent on a Site Visit spree to a couple of our projects!

  • Arkade Budding Stars is all set to begin the second leg of its journey!

    Drawing, painting, sketching, doodling, whatever it may be, art seems to have permeated into everyone’s lives, making it a little more colourful, beautiful and filled with hopes and dreams. After Bhoomi Arkade, it was Arkade Bhoomi Heights' turn to feel the second round of excitement with our exclusive initiative, Arkade Budding Stars. The turnout was fabulous, as expected. What made this event even more special was that the grown-ups participated too! Here is a quick look at what happened on Sunday, May 1, 2016.

  • The first leg of ‘Arkade Budding Stars’ was a grand success, and how!
    Arkade Budding Stars @ Bhoomi Arkade Kandivali East (10-04-2016)

    With much goodness in our hearts and conviction in our faith, we embarked on the ‘Arkade Budding Stars’ initiative, one that was designed to awaken confidence and reveal the potential of today’s generation. Suffice it to say that what took place on that wonderful Sunday evening was nothing short of extraordinary! What a turnout! What talent! What fun! Paint away, kids.

  • We work hard, and play even harder - Arkade Group Cricket Tournament 2016

    4 teams comprising team members from different project locations converged at the Poinsur Gymkhana ground in Kandivali (W). What ensued made sure that 1st March 2016 goes down in history as an exciting, eventful day. Cricket was just an excuse, really. This tournament was a splendid success for teamwork and team spirit! Three cheers!