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There’s more to us than meets the eye.

It is quite easy to define an organization solely by what services it offers. More often than not, what an entity does in the most commercial sensebecomes the sole descriptor for its purpose of existence, i.e. except for thosewho choose to add to this description by transcending their traditional role. At Arkade Group, there is more to us than what meets the eye. What was started as a passionate drive to craft abodes by Shri Mangilal R. Jain in 1984 has now turned into much more than just that. Led by people who believe in the power of passion and leaps of faith, we have become Life Investors, multiplying life & providing contentment.

Our Vision

To create value, exceed expectations and
constantly innovate to build better lives.

Our Mission

To scale the heights of realty and
sustain a pioneering position.

Mangilal R. Jain

There is a certain kind of expertise that one gains from roughing it out alone in a space that is dominated by experience and a long term presence. Shri Mangilal R. Jain is one such real estate veteran who built his identity from scratch, establishing himself as a known player in the industry.

Vikram R. Jain

Having been a part of Arkade Group since 2004, Shri Vikram Jain has been an active contributor to the firm’s rise and evolution from the get-go. With a keen sense and understanding of the industry, he brings to the table an unparalleled expertise that is the result of hardcore experience.

Amit M. Jain

If there is one person who can be credited with the steady rise of Arkade Group in the realty sector, it is Mr. Amit Jain. A keen follower and observer of industry trends and movements, Mr. Amit Jain has a vision to evolve the city's edifices, constantly ensuring that Arkade Group provides the highest level of service and operational excellence.

Sandeep U. Jain

Sandeep is a Mechanical Engineer with an MBA in Finance. Having spent 5 years in the Investment Banking scene, he went on to find his true calling in Real Estate. He has been a part of Arkade Group for 3 years now.

Arpit V. Jain

Arpit has garnered Real Estate experience as a part of Arkade Group. He is a qualified Chartered Accountant and has been crunching numbers with the group for almost two years.

Production & Engineering - Girish Koltharkar

Girish is a Chief Engineer at Arkade Group. He holds a Civil Engineering Diploma. With a total professional experience of 21 years, he has been a part of Arkade Group for 17 years.

Sales & Marketing - Ruben Chheda

Armed with 22 years of work experience - 12 of them in Real Estate – Ruben is the Sales and Marketing Head at Arkade Group. He specializes in Sales, Marketing and Customer Delight.

Accounts & Finance - Amol Desai

A Commerce graduate with 17 years of experience, Amol is the Chief Accountant at Arkade Group and has been a part of it for 7 years.

HR & Admin - Shreyas Oke

The H.R. and Admin. Manager at Arkade Group, Shreyas, is a Commerce graduate with an MBA in HR. Of the 7 years of experience he has amassed, 5 of them have been in the Real Estate segment.

A quick look at our presence across the city of Mumbai and its satellite towns.